10 Things We Love About Puppies!

Get ready because March 23rd is possibly the most adorable day of the year. Why? It’s National Puppy Day! Oh, sure, you could make the argument that every day is puppy day. But now you have a legitimate excuse to peruse precious puppy pictures at work.

Boss: Aren’t you supposed to be working on that spreadsheet?

You: In a minute. Right now, I’m observing National Puppy Day!

If your boss demands to know why anyone would want to celebrate puppies, just show her this list of ten things we love about them. Who knows? After she takes a look, she may be feeling so warm and fuzzy that she gives you the rest of the day off!

  1. The goofy way they get around
    Who can resist that gangly puppy walk? It’s kind of a cross between a newborn lamb and a bull in a china shop. And no matter where they’re going, they go full steam ahead.
  2. Their playfulness
    Puppies remind us how important it is to have fun. They’re always ready for a game of chase or tug, and the joy they obviously feel is contagious.
  3. How they can fall asleep anywhere
    Sometimes it can be exhausting to be a puppy, what with all that goofy walking and non-stop playing they have to do. So they have no problem grabbing a snooze wherever and whenever they get the chance.
  4. Puppy piles
    If one puppy taking a nap is cute, a pile of puppies is off-the-charts irresistible. The way they all snuggle up together and snore away? Heaven!
  5. The way they curl up in your arms
    Speaking of snuggling…puppies really are champs at it. If they don’t have any siblings around, they’ll just as happily pile on top of you, making it impossible to move lest you disturb their little puppy dreams.
  6. Those big, innocent eyes
    Let’s face it. Despite their sweetness, puppies can be a lot of trouble. But when you walk in on your puppy chewing your favorite pair of shoes and they look up at you with those big, innocent saucer eyes…how on earth can you be mad?
  7. That little bark, growl and howl
    There’s a reason that some of the most popular videos online are of little baby dogs learning to bark or howl. The way they pucker up those teeny little lips and put their whole heart and soul to it. You can’t help but just melt right then and there.
  8. They go with the flow
    Most puppies will pretty much go along with whatever you want to do. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take them camping or dress them up in the latest canine couture, they think it’s great as long as they’re with you.
  9. How they soak up everything
    Just like human children, puppy brains are little sponges. They’re primed and ready to soak up anything you want to teach them. So make sure you enroll yours in puppy class to help him or her become a well-adjusted, happy dog.
  10. Puppy breath!

We saved the best for last. What else is there to say?