Fetch Some Fall Fun with Your Best Friend

Ready or not, the seasons are changing. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler and the leaves are starting to turn.

For many, fall is one of the most magical times of the year. Not surprising, since it offers so many great opportunities to spend time with friends and family members – including the four-legged ones!

Check out these fun ideas to fall into autumn with your best friend!

1. Pumpkin and Apple Picking

Many pumpkin patches and apple orchards encourage the whole family to join in the fun. However, double check to make sure they welcome dogs by calling ahead. Once you get your treasures home, take inspiration from Full Moon’s Artisanal Jerky and add a little pumpkin or apple to your dog’s meals for extra taste and nutrition.

2. Toss the Pigskin

15-42-37-HUT! Fall is almost synonymous with football season, so why not hit the backyard gridiron with your pup? He may not know all the rules, but when you’re throwing the ball and running around with your best friend – you both win!

3. Rake the Leaves Together

If there’s anything more fun than jumping in a big pile of leaves? Well, we haven’t found it yet! While your dog probably won’t be much help with the actual raking, he’ll likely get the hang of the jumping part right away. If not, feel free to demonstrate for him, and don’t worry about those weird looks from your neighbors.

4. Plan Your Howl-oween Costumes

Let’s face it. Not every pooch enjoys playing dress-up. But if yours has a dramatic flair, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s costume. If you want to kick things up a notch, nothing makes a bigger statement than going as a themed pair. How about Dogeo and Juliet? Dorothy and Toto? Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? The possibilities are endless.

5. Explore Someplace New

For most dogs and humans, there’s nothing more fun than getting out and enjoying new scenery. So pack up a picnic and hit the road to do some leaf-peeping. Or relax in a cute little dog-friendly B&B for the weekend. Or if you prefer to stay closer to home, head to a new neighborhood or check out the dog park on the other side of town.

No matter which autumn activity you decide on, the important thing is to have fun and make lots of lasting memories with your best friend!