Halloween Tips & Tricks!

Hi Friends! It’s our favorite time of year again here at Full Moon – Halloween! After all, how can we resist a holiday that involves pups in costumes AND treats!

Now, admiring a cute cowboy costume while tossing candy into an upheld sack as youngsters scream “trick or treat!” might cause you sheer giggles and smiles. To your dog, however, Halloween can be a stressful time. Don’t fret (or shed!). We’ve got some tips to ensure that Halloween is a fun (not frightful) experience for the WHOLE family.

First, make sure that all decorations are safely located out of your dogs reach. That long extension cord wrapped around a sofa leg and bypassing two end tables before exiting the home to plug into a ten foot tall illuminated scarecrow? Maybe not the best idea. The painstakingly carved jack-o-lantern proudly placed on the front porch? Your pup might see a tasty new friend. Electrical cords and other unfamiliar items in and around your home could be mistaken for fun new chew toys, take care when placing and arranging these items to ensure your dog’s safety.

Second, even the chillest of dogs might be unnerved by the constant noise of door-bell rings and groups of tiny monsters at your door. A six year old in a plastic mask can be a stress inducer for a Poodle or Dalmatian. Even a stately German Shepard might do a double take! You see adorable. Your dog might see horror!

On the opposite side, if your dog’s a runner and sneaky to boot, be extra careful when opening a door to hand out candy. While you’re admiring a ballerina’s cute tiara, he might be ready to run for it and experience the wonders of Halloween on his own. Unless you know your dog won’t get stressed out or make a mad dash, you may want to consider keeping him a separate room or in the backyard. Don’t want him to miss out on the fun? Consider taking your pup for walk during the festivities to show off his own costume – he’ll be sure to get lots of admiration and attention!

Third, when the kids come marching home, sacks overflowing with candy, temptation might result. You should never share candy with your dog. Keep all candy high and out of your dogs reach, and remember to throw away empty wrappers that he could accidentally ingest. To make sure your pup feels special too, give him some extra Full Moon treats!

Finally, have a spooktacularly fun Halloween!!