Human Grade Ingredients

We Use The Finest Ingredients Available. Period.

If it’s not good enough for us to eat, it’s not good enough for our pets. That is our belief and we practice it everyday in the treats we make. You will find only certified human edible ingredients used in Full Moon Pet Treats.* That’s why all of the meat we use in our treats comes from USDA-approved family farms.

Many other pet treats use low grade, non-USDA approved animal proteins in their products. This substandard meat, which includes animal meal such as chicken meal and poultry meal, has not been approved by the USDA for various reasons, including animal health. Only meat from healthy, USDA-certified, farm raised animals are used in our treats so you can be sure that your dog is getting the absolute best.

icon_madeWhat We Mean By Human Grade

Human Grade means that all of the ingredients used to make our treats can be eaten by you and me.* While this makes our ingredients more expensive, it ensures that we are feeding our dogs the highest quality foods. Our treats are all produced to rigorous standards in kitchens that are suitable for human food production.

icon_madeNo Flavor Enhancers, Only Real Food

Other treats have formulated flavor enhancers called palatants to make the treats appetizing to your dog. We don’t use palatants or any other gimmick, just simple high-quality ingredients like human grade meat* and all natural ingredients. Your pet will taste the difference!