Pet Treats Made in the USA

Grown and Sourced in the USA from Family Farmers

We are proud to make Full Moon natural pet treats in the United States using high-quality ingredients. To ensure the greatest flavor and nutritional value, Full Moon starts with USDA approved meats, raised on family-owned farms across the country. Every chicken, turkey, cow, and pig is USDA inspected and approved to guarantee its health and quality. Then we carefully make our treats in small batches using simple, wholesome recipes. Our kitchens are right here in the USA, just like yours.

Nancy and Ronnie
Trusted Supplier of Cage-free Chicken

We Support Our Local Farms

Many of the farmers that supply our meat have a long history and passion for raising the highest quality chickens, turkey and pork. Take Nancy and Ronnie for example, this Kentucky-based brother and sister team has been farming for over 35 years and raise some of the cage-free, US chicken found in our treats. Here at Full Moon, we support and work with farmers we know and trust to ensure that the meat in our treats is absolutely the best available.

Cage-Free US Poultry

Raised cage free on family farms right here in the USA, our chicken and turkeys are fed an all natural diet free of hormones and steroids and are USDA inspected and approved.

Heritage US Pork

Our heritage pork comes from family farms in the US and are fed an all natural diet free of hormones and steroids. All of our pork is USDA inspected and approved.

Ranch Raised Cattle

Raised on free-range ranches right here in the USA, our angus beef is fed an all natural diet and are USDA inspected and approved.

We Craft Our Treats in Batches

If you look at our treats you may notice that they might vary slightly in shape or size from bag to bag. That’s because we cook our treats in batches in our US based kitchens. Our family has been making human food for many years and take a great amount of pride and care making the highest quality treats for your dog.