Top 6 Summer Activities for Dogs

It’s Summer time and the feeling is fine! There’s still lots of time this summer to take advantage of the endless days and warm nights and we think this calls for some serious fun time for you and your bestie. We’ve put together a list of 6 fun activities to try with your dog – it’s time to get outside and get moving!

1)    Walking/Hiking

There’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors! Hike the local mountain trail, run along the lake or simply take a stroll through town. Not only will you and your dog reap the benefits of some cardiovascular exercise but you’ll also have a chance to share some new outdoor adventures together!

2)    Beach Day

Another great venue for outdoor activity is the beach. Grab a Frisbee, tennis ball or toy of your dog’s choosing and hit the sand! Make sure to scope out the beach beforehand and confirm that it is dog friendly. Once you find a good spot, let the fetching begin!

3)    Camping

It’s time for family campfires and s’mores (or Full Moon treats)! Once you’ve found your dog friendly camping spot, make sure to bring adequate food and water and locate a shaded resting spot for your pup. After that, circle around the campfire, snuggle up and let the storytelling begin!

4)    Swimming

Whether you’re at the beach, on the lake or hanging out in the backyard, swimming can be a great way for your dog to both get some exercise and cool off during a hot day! Note: ALWAYS supervise your dog while in or near water; we recommend training your dog to swim ahead of time to ensure a safe experience for all.

5)    Agility Course

If your dog is feeling up to the challenge, set up an agility course in the backyard and let the games begin! You can use simple items from your home or go DIY wild and build the ultimate course using PVC piping. Ether way this is sure to entertain both your dog and your family – just prepare for a post-agility exhaustion doggy nap!

6)    Local Dog Friendly Events

Many towns and cities have dog friendly, and even dog themed activities during the summer months. These include everything from organized walks, to day-long festivals, to dog themed days at your favorite sports stadium. Check your local city’s or sports team’s events calendar for ideas!